Falafel Starter

A deep-fried patties made from ground chickpeas, tahini. garlic 


Levantine dish of eggplant, mashed and mixed with virgin olive oil and season.


Lamb Kebab w/Yogurt Sauce

Tender cubes of lamb grilled on skewers with onions & green peppers served with yogurt sauce and rice



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OLIVA Italian & Mediterranean Cuisine                             

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Chef's Specialties

OLIVA Italian & Mediterranean Cuisine has been synonymous with Italian and Turkish fine dining. Mehmet Dayi executive chef/owner takes the cuisine and culture of his homeland to the next level with a breathtaking restaurant and delicious cuisine.

The Chef's mastery of traditional spices and flavors makes each dish an opportunity to experience classics and delicacies in new and exciting ways. Every plate becomes a culinary journey. 

The food is fantastic- this place is seriously a GEM on the West side.Try the Imam Fainted- the eggplant is absolutely to die for. The lentil soup and Turkish wines to accompany it are pretty great too! The food is all very fresh, and the atmosphere is nice. 

- Monica Muraski



Excellent fresh tasting food, nice atmosphere, friendly and attentive service

-Alex Petro 

I love this place...food is great and place is kid friendly

​-Madhu Soin

Great service, delicious and fresh food, good atmosphere, reasonable prices, and awesome decor.

​-Judy Meyers